Tailor-Made Tours

Learn spanish traveling!

What does your group need? JTL organizes your perfect trip.

If you want to travel to Spain and you have in mind a specific itinerary and program of activities, JTL will organise it for you, providing top-quality and reliable service providers, hotels, bus companies, guides, etc... JTL will also always be available during your trip to solve any doubts or, if your group wished to, add extra activities and supervise everything to ensure your trip is a real success.

Our tailor-made tours are available for families, youth and educative organizations, companies and any other groups searching for a quality product which adapts to their specific needs and budget.

If you have a limited budget, JTL will make the best of it to create an unforgettable trip. If you have a higher budget, JTL will create an exclusive trip and itinerary that matches your high expectations. Options for our trips are almost unlimited and depend on your needs.

Once you have chosen a destination for your group, JTL will offer you a range of activities and excursions for you to choose from. Once this is done, JTL will send you the itinerary and final price. Finally, you will need to book your trip to secure availability. If you want to know more about what we could organise for you or if you have any questions about our tailor-made tours, please contact

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