Own training programmes are extremely interesting for amateur and professional clubs.

This programme is built for professional and amateur coaches who want to get the best out of their players and train in a different country. Perfect for team building, player analysis and preparation for the season or tournaments.

JTL  organises professional football tours for all different types of teams: school teams, amateur and professional football teams. The duration and contents of the trip depend on the needs of each team. In short; we make sure the coach can get the best out of his players and team during the tour. How do we do this? We provide excellent accommodation and food, great facilities and football equipment as well as the organisation of football games. Any level is possible, it really depends on the standard of the visiting team.

City Options.JTL has a solid network of hotels, facilities and football clubs all in the Iberian peninsula. From La Coruña to Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid, Benidorm, Alicante, Mallorca. Accommodation is always 3* or 4*. City selection will depend on the time of year and group requirements: Seville could be too hot in the Summer, Valencia could be perfect all year around etc.

Great facilities for training and competitive games. 3G or grass football pitches option. We make sure the group has all the equipment necessary for high quality training. Additionally, all our hotels have a fully equipped gym for our teams. JTL also organises the use of facilities, water for training, transportation. We even offer training sessions at the Spanish FA headquarters, home of the 2010 world champions. Games are organised by us to the finest detail. Any game level is possible.

If you want to know more about specific options for your team contact juan@jtl-spain.com. We would love to help you and your team in the organisation of your perfect football week.

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